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Califlower Garden is committed to offering high quality legal cannabis products in a variety of distinctive flavors, aromas and potencies. Whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, our products can meet the needs of novice, experienced and adventurous customers, and our skilled budtenders can knowledgeably answer questions and provide expert recommendations.

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At Califlower Garden, we are researchers of premium Hemp brands, cultivation, production and safety processes. With the growth and boom of the Cannabis, CBD and Hemp industries, it is much more difficult for consumers to find high quality, most effective products that are safe to consume for their choice of medicinal or recreational use. We are here to help! Our brands are not sourced in bulk from distributors who have very little, if any, knowledge of the products that they carry and whose mission is simply to sell as many products as they can regardless of origin, quality or safety. Our brands are individually hand-picked from industry leading, USDA certified, non-GMO organic farms in California, Colorado and Oregon. At Califlower Garden, we know the true origins of our products. We know that our products are of the highest quality among the best brands in the industry. We know that our products are potent and the most effective. And most importantly, we know that our products are safe!

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Califlower Garden was established in 2022 in Houston, Texas and opened its door in April 2023. We provide only the best of the best hemp brands. Our mission is to educate and learn with our customers about the amazing benefits of hemp-derived products and provide the best products in the industry for our customers to experience in reaching their wellness goals.

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